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What is Mudras?
1. It is well known that the universe is made up of five elements Fire(Agni), Air(Vayu),  Ether(Space, Akash, Sky) Earth(Prithvi), Water(Jal).
2. The human structure is also composed of the five elements.
3. In human beings these elements exist in fixed proportion.
4. Any imbalance occurs in this proportion create a variety of diseases.
5. Mudras are to be practiced to normalize the five elements in the human body.
6. Mudras are performed by making moments in arms and hands.
7. It is very easy to perform mudras, however they are very powerful in preventing and curing several diseases -- both minor and chronic diseases.
8. The Prana energy is channeled through Nadis in the human bodies.
9. The Prana that travels in the Nadis is transmitted through Chakras in the human body.
General Benefits of Mudras
 The following benefits are derived by the practice of mudras on a day to day basis.
a) Develops Inner peace.
b) Improves Strength and Stamina.
c)  Anxiety is reduced.
d) Improves one’s physical and emotional health.
e) Manages stress comfortably
f) Depression is cured.
g) Eliminate guilt feeling.
h) Anger is subsided
i) Mind becomes calm and quiet.
j) Intuitive faculty is enhanced.
k) Ultimately Mudras promote the happiness of human beings.
Important Mudras
1. Jnana Mudra
2. Akasha Mudra
3. Prithivi Mudra
4. Varuna Mudra
5. Vyana Mudra
6. Apana Mudra
7. Prana Mudra
8. Surya Mudra
9. Shankha Mudra
10. Kubera Mudra
1. Jnana Mudra and Chin Mudra
This mudra is also called Chin Mudra when it is kept downward. If it is up it is Jnana mudra or Saraswathi Mudra.
 How To do
Keep the tip of the thumb on the tip of the index finger. The other three fingers remain relaxed and extended. Do this with both hands and place them on the thighs in a relaxed position.
When the fingers point upwards it is called Jnana Mudra.

 When the fingers point downwards it is called Chin Mudra.

General Benefits
1. Improve Concentration and Memory
2. Activates the pituitary glands and there by the entire system of endocrine glands.
3. This mudra cures madness, hysteria,  loss of memory, fear, phobias and depression.
4. Diabetes can be controlled with a 15 minutes practice every day
5. Bad habits like addiction, intoxication can be overcome.
6. Student can improve memory,  concentration and brain power.
7. Tension and sleeplessness can be cured.
2. Akasha Mudra
 How to do it
Join the tips of the thumb with the middle finger

Benefits Derived
1. It is a detoxifying mudra .
2. Develops positive emotion by removing negative emotions  like fear, anger, irritation etc.
3. Brings relief to migraine or sinusitis.
4. Heart beats and blood pressure are regularized
5. Prevents jet lag.

3. Prithivi Mudra
 How to do it
Tips of the ring finger and the thumbs should be joined together.

Benefits Derived
1. Removes general debility and chronic fatigue.
2. Improves stamina and endurance.
3. Prevents hair loss and premature graying of hair.
4. Varuna Mudra
 How to do it
 The tips of the small fingers should be joined with tips of the thumbs.

Benefits Derived
1. All skin diseases like pimple, itching can be cured.
2. Preserve youthfulness

5. Vyana Mudra
 How to do it
 The tips of the thumbs should be joined with the tips of the index fingers and middle fingers.

Benefits Derived
1. Blood pressure either high or low is regulated and balanced.
6. Apana Mudra
 How to do it
 The tips of the middle and ring finger should be joined with the tips of the thumbs.

 Benefits Derived
1. Improves  digestion.
2. Removes constipation and piles.
3. All kinds of stomach problems can be cured.
4. Diabetes is completely controlled through consistent practice  of this mudra.
5. Pregnant woman should practice this mudra daily for 10 minutes for safe and painless delivery.
7. Prana Mudra
 How to do it
 The tips of the thumbs should be joined with the tips of little finger and ring finger.

 Benefits Derived
1. To treat any disease the Prana Mudra should be accompanied by the concerned Mudras.
2. To cure insomnia, jnana mudra should be followed by prana Mudra.
3. To cure diabetes apana mudra should be followed by prana Mudra
4. This mudra cures  numbness in any part of the body.
8. Surya Mudra
 How to do it
Bend the ring finger and its tip should be placed at the place of thumb and the thumb should be kept gently  on the back of the ring finger.

 Benefits Derived
1. Maintains the body temperature and keeps metabolism going.
2. Removes loss of appetite and  constipation.
3. Progressive Weight gain can be controlled.

9. Shanka Mudra
 How to do it
The thumb of the left hand should be placed at the bass of the right thumb. Fold the fingers of the right hand covering the left thumb. The tips of the right hand thumb and the index fingers of the left hand should be joined. The other three fingers of the left hand should be placed on the back of the right hand.

Benefits Derived
1. All illnesses related to thyroid glands can be set right.
2. Obesity is controlled.
3. Make the voice melodies and clean
4. Removes strain in the voice.
5. Singers and teachers can get maximum benefits by improving their voice.
6. Stuttering and stammering can be rectified.

10. Kubera Mudra
 How to do it
The tips of the thumbs should be joined with the tips of the index fingers and middle fingers. The tips of the little finger and ring finger should be placed in the middle of the palm.

 Benefits Derived
1. This mudra brings luck and fortune to the person who regularly practices this mudra.
2. One becomes courageous.
3.  While doing this mudra visualize a goal or special wish. Your goal and wish will be fulfilled.

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