Saturday, August 22, 2015

Guided Imagining Technique

1. Following is a set of unrelated objects. Go through them only once. Take two minutes to read and memorize. Then take a piece of paper and reproduce them in the same order.

11. SHOP
13. OIL
14. SOAP
20. Visiting  Cards
21. Wind
22. Elephant
23. Tube Light
24. Tooth Paste
25. Basket
26. Cat
27. Cupboard
28. Rat
29. Fan
30. Mat
31. Baby
32. Bottle
33. Grandfather
34. Grandmother
35. Father
36. Mother
37. Brother
38. Sister
39. Uncle
40. Aunty
              There are 40 objects

2. Check your answer. How many objects you are able to reproduce in the same order.
3. 30 and above – Your inherited capacity to memorize is excellent.
25 – 29 Very Good
20 – 24   Good
15 - 19 Average
Below 15 Poor
4. Most people use Rote Memory to memorize anything. This means that you tend to repeat the items mentally as many times as possible.
5. Instead, if you use creativity and imagination the list of objects can be memorized easily within a short spell of time.
6. Your imagination should be unusual, abnormal, ridiculous, funny, unbelievable, too big or too small.
7. In this context it should be remembered that our brain registers more effectively unusual and abnormal things and normal items are relegated to the background.
I shall guide you to memorise this list using Creativity, imagination and visualization. 
Follow my instruction:
1. TREE: The first object in our list is Tree. Close your eyes for a few seconds and visualize a big tree that you had seen. The picture of the tree must be held in your 
Mental horizon
2. BUCKET: Now you have to connect bucket and the tree. Use your creative power and make a picture that hundreds of buckets are hanging on the tree like fruits.

3. TYPEWRITER: The picture that you are holding should be now connected to typewriter. You have to use your creativity to make that connection. Let us say that one of the buckets fell on a typewriter.

4. TELEPHONE: Due to falling of the bucket the computer is damaged. You have to call the computer engineer to set it right. For which you use your phone to call him.
5. TUMBLER : Unfortunately there is no response and you feel thirsty and take a tumbler to drink water.
6. WOOD:  You put your tumbler in your mouth Instead of water a piece of wood falls into your mouth.
7. PENCIL: The wood that got into your mouth is now converted into dozens of pencils. The pencils are coming out of your right ear.
8. PAPER: The wood in your mouth is also converted into paper and a ream of paper is coming out of your left ear.
9. ROAD: The paper that came out of your left ear is now spread on a road  like a white carpet.
10. BUILDING: At the end of the road there is a huge building with 100 floors.
11. SHOP: In the ground floor of the building there is a shop.
12. BISCUIT: The shop sells biscuits.
13. OIL: A sales girl of the shop unwittingly poured oil into one of the biscuit tins. The biscuits are floating in the oil.
14. SOAP: You take some good biscuits from the oil. In the process your hand gets soiled with oil. To remove the oil you take a soap to wash your hand.
15. SHIRT: After washing your hand, you wipe your hand on your shirt.
16. STOMACH: At the time of wiping your hand you touch your stomach.
17. BOOKS: Your stomach got opened and books are coming out of your stomach.
18. TABLE: The books that came out of your stomach formed into a table. The table is made up of books.
19. SPECTACLES: On the table several spectacles are kept.
20. VISITING CARDS: Each spectacle is covered by two business cards.
21. WIND: At that time wind blew.
22. ELEPHANT: All the business cards fell on an elephant.
23. TUBELIGHT: The elephant is having a funny tail in the form of a tube light.
24. TOOTHPASTE: The tube light is broken and from it falls tooth paste.
25. BASKET: The toothpaste fell in a basket.
26. CAT: In the basket a cat was sleeping and the toothpaste fell on its head.
27. CUPBOARD: When the toothpaste fell on its head, the cat jumped out of the basket and got into a cupboard.
28. RAT: There was a rat in the cupboard.
29. FAN: When the cat got into the cupboard, how can the rat stay in the cupboard. It jumped into a fan.
30. MAT: It is a pedestal fan kept on a mat.
31. BABY: On the mat a beautiful baby was sleeping.
32. BOTTLE: By the side of the baby a bottle was kept. It could be a milk bottle.
The last eight items are:
41. There is no necessity to use creativity and imagination to remember these four items.
8. You can easily remember the pictures of your Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Brother sister, Uncle, Aunty and they are held in your mind permanently.

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