1. Be a Master, not a Servant.
2. You can be a Master as a Professional or a Businessman.
3. To amass fabulous wealth, one should necessarily be in Business.
4. The type of business one does has direct bearing on making fabulous wealth.
5. One should undertake business preferably in manufacturing or production.
6. Get a new understanding of money.
7. Love money. Don’t say that money is wicked. Don’t hate wealthy people.
8. Bless every rupee that you spend and give to others
9. Many wealthy people bless their money every morning and do it regularly - Lakshmi Pooja
10. Treat your money with respect, asking it to return to you multiplied thousand times. It will do so.
11. Be calculative of every pie that you spend, but don’t have a penny wise and pound foolish.
12. If you want to earn huge money, you have to invest more money.
13. Build your reserves as much as possible.
14. Trade on Equity  should be your guiding principle – float shares to the public.
15. Don’t hesitate to borrow for expanding your business but have certain amount of calculative risk.
16. Never borrow from individuals but only from institutions.
17. Never lend loans, unless you are in lending business – if necessary give it free to the extent possible.
18. You have got to get rich consciousness. Money is a magnet.
19. Carry always sufficient amount of money with you. Wealthy people carry money in rolls. Debit/Credit cards can also be carried
20. Fold a 500/1,000 rupee note half length-wise, then fold it into three parts and carry this with you all the time.
21. Rub shoulders with the wealthy – Aristotle Onassis’ story
22. Live in the best locality.
23. Don’t sleep too much. Be alert at all the time.
24. You much look, act and feel rich.
25. Buy the best whatever it might be – clothes, utensils, furniture, vehicle, etc. This will improve your self-image.
26. Constantly equip your knowledge and develop  your skills in the field of your business.
27. Learn Financial Analysis of your financial statements.
28. If you want big money no lies and cheating. You may lose your credibility and creditworthiness.
29. Give as much as possible for charity. Institute Charitable Trust – get some benefit from Income Tax.
30. Your attitude in doing business is to help people with quality products and services.
31. Concentrate more on what you can offer rather than how you can grab as much from the public.
32. Pay more attention to recruitment of people. Key positions should be entrusted to trusted, honest and efficient people.
33. Convert Partnership firm, formed among friends, into Private or Public Limited Company.
34. Understand and apply the principles of Time and Stress Management.
35. Vedic Mantras to amass fabulous wealth.
36. Engrave Akshya Chakra in a gold ring and wear it or prepare it in a silver plate and keep it in your purse.