Saturday, June 18, 2016

25 Tips For Happy Life

Great Information in the image below,

Great Quotes

Below are some quotes came to mind randomly, some are from anonymous person,

  •  Stop using vehicle every now and then otherwise you will have to use AMBULANCE every now and then.
  • Don't be violent always be silent to be your own pilot.
  • Learn from history, work hard in present to make the future bright.
  • Teacher should be Student first.
  • Do your "Personal Puja" like you do God puja and if everyone does this then we'll have gods roaming all over the world.
  • Be your own Vetal- Inspired by story of Vikram-Vetal

Stupid but valid questions

Below are some questions I'm searching answers for,

Where is water stored in Indian Railways?
What is the height of success, 5 feet, 50 or 1000?
Have you ever heard that a bird OR animal is died of heart attack and fish/duck of cold?